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  • Fire-due

    Ok.. so I invented this last night, (using conventional oven) but have not tried in the WFO.... yet, when I do I will provide pictures!!!
    It's basically a fondue/tappas kind of thing.... ('fire-due' instead of 'fondue'....Geddit?)

    Appetizer - Serves 4

    items for dipping:
    2 Chorizo
    6-8 button mushrooms
    1 large red onion
    1 large red capsicum

    for the 'due
    1 cup cubed vintage (or sharp) cheddar cheese (or your favorite - YMMV)
    1tsp cornflour
    small knob butter
    1tsp snipped parsley
    a 'slug' of beer (1/2 cup??)

    Cut the Chorizo in diagonal slices, the onion into quarters the mushrooms in half and the capsicum into inch square chunks

    Place a small ramekin in the centre of a shallow roasting dish, and arrange the chorizo & vegetables around the ramekin.

    Add all the 'due ingredients into the ramekin in the centre and mix about.

    drizzle the vegetables with a small amount of evo., and season with salt & fresh cracked black pepper.

    Place in the WFO.

    Rotate the tray every now and then to ensure that the veggies are colouring evenly and the Chorizo gets a nice caramelisation, most importantly stir the 'due with a skewer, and add more beer if it's getting too thick or boiling.

    When the Chorizo & vegetables are roasted and carmelised, and the 'due smooth and runny, serve directly to the table with some sliced crusty bread or baguette ont he side (on a trivet obviously!!)

    Eat with skewers in the traditional fondue method

    There should be enough residual heat in the roasting tray and ramekin to keep the sauce liquid enough for dipping.
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    Re: Fire-due

    Yummy! I really can't get enough of the WFO roasted veg we've been doing lately, and this sounds like a fabulous combo.


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      Re: Fire-due

      Sounds good and easy. Probably needs to be in a cooler corner of the WFO but is probably workable for those of us with with a big landing.

      Good idea!


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        Re: Fire-due

        Probably needs to be in a cooler corner of the WFO
        agreed or -
        cook it before the oven hits pizza temp...
        I'm planning to try this weekend...
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          Re: Fire-due

          ok, so I tried it in the oven this weekend,
          it worked okay, but I've made a few suggestions/observations for doing this in the WFO:

          * The veggies cook really fast, much faster than the sauce.
          * Probably should use warm or room temperature beer, and add less than what you think you need.
          * You could probably leave out the butter & flour out of the sauce - I'm not sure....I'll have to experiment again.
          * it might work better if you put the ramekin outside the veggie roasting tray to cook separately, and fit it in at the end.

          no matter how much you mess it up - it will still be delicious
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