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Puff pastry at Trader Joe's

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  • Puff pastry at Trader Joe's

    I've started using the new puff pastry from Trader Joe's. Previously, I have found pre-made pastry to be pretty awful, with transfats, and gosh knows what. It sort of looks and tastes like it was made with motor oil. But the TJ's pastry is wheat flour, butter, sugar and salt. That's it. And it tastes good!

    We're using it for desserts this weekend, after the oven cools down from pizza.

    If you have a TJ's, give it a try. It's called "Artisan".

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    Re: Puff pastry at Trader Joe's

    Thanks for the lead. Haven't seen that in my TJs yet... but I never looked for it. I've been using a frozen puff pastry from a local ethnic market (I think they are either Armenian or Russian) but find the flavor (not butter) to be only mediocre. Can't wait to try Joe's!


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      Re: Puff pastry at Trader Joe's

      Don't forget to try the baked brie....that pastry is what you want!
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        Hi everyone!

        Hi, I am new here. Hope to know all of you!