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  • Slow Cooked Meats

    I finally got around to trying my slow cooking techniques on a couple of meats. A chicken in a cast iron pot, covered, using my lemon inside recipe.
    A leg of lamb in an open dish with the rosemary garlic marinade.

    Did them after pizzas the day before.
    Threw them in, temporary wood door, came back in 5 hours.

    Both were excellent but they still cooked faster and better than I thought they would.

    Next time I'll try with an even cooler oven and longer time.
    I'm thinking about an 8 to 12 hour bake at very low temp.
    Anyone doing that?

    Next, maybe a big butt.
    Sharing life's positives and loving the slow food lane

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    Re: Slow Cooked Meats

    I usually shoot for putting roasts and such in the oven at 350-375 or so which typically gives about a five hour cooking time. But time is basically a function of temp. The food will significantly depress the oven temp for a while and it will typically cook at a temp somwhat below where you started. On occasion I put things in at 300 or so and find they can be in the oven for 8 hours with no upper limit that I have found. The oven just keeps getting cooler!

    As an aside, my father-in-law used to do pot roasts at 150 degrees for 24 hours and they were very good.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Slow Cooked Meats

      Hi Jim,

      I have had good success putting slow cook meals in the oven overnight, with a start temp in the low 300's. My oven will cool down into the mid 200's and be in the low 200's or high 100's by the next morning.

      I faintly remember a conversation about cooking meats, where the food temp never exceeds 200 degree's (or there - about temperature wise) as a temperature above 200 will do something to the protein, or the connective tissues and toughen the meat... Incentive to cook in a water bath, in a pot without a lid (the temp won't exceed the temp of boiling water) and keep from making the meat tough...

      Some of my favorite meals from the oven... slow cook..