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First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

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  • First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

    Yesterday we tried our first attempt at making bread the 'NO Knead way'

    The result wasn't brilliant but was OK, I think the problem was loss of heat in the dutch oven (a large pot with lid). I think by the time we inserted our dough into the pot it had cooled too much, the end result was a tight formation of the dough and still a little tacky within.

    we also did another 3 loaves at the same time just on the hearth floor, these were actually a little better, not burnt but again still a little tacky within but not the crust I had hoped for.

    This morning I reheated the oven until the oven began to go white and as I write we now have a pot roast (chuck beef) in the oven.

    The reason I reheated the oven so I could sear the beef chuck prior to the long intended slow cook..............this has brought it own little dilemma...

    The temperature in the bricks now is average of 450 F (double the temp recommended for a slow pot roast as per the temp sheet posted by James)

    This has me worried somewhat that the pot roast will be done too quick, however I have just tested the external temp of the cook pot and it is 230 F (which is within the recommended range for slow cook).

    So still at the learning stages of cooking, I am looking for opinions as to my assumption that although the dome temps are high the pot being cooked IS actually at the right temperature?

    Will this continue to draw the convected heat from the dome bricks and remain constant?
    or will it become hotter?
    Or will it become cooler?

    I know I can go out and recheck at any given point, but for future reference for any type of cooking, I originally thought that what ever the temps of the bricks would be that is the temperature of the oven, maybe this is not the case.

    I also learned today maybe that in order to sear the meat I should have lit a small fire, spread the embers and over a Tuscan grill seared the meat both sides rather than in the cook pot itself.

    How do others sear a meat at high temps then slow cook?

    Any thoughts suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.


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    Re: First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

    Further to my earlier post, here are some pictures of the bread we made yesterday and pot roast with Yorkshire puddings made this afternoon.

    The slow roast was done for 5hours at approx. 250 F from readings of the pot itself. which seemed to be constant for the duration.
    The temperature on the dome walls however were 450 F at the start and dropped to around 380F by the end of the Yorkshire puds being done 5 hours later.

    This suggests to me that although the walls register much hotter the food is not actually being cooked at those temperatures, otherwise 400 F + for 5 hours would have well overdone the roast.

    The Yorkshire puddings were put in at the 4 1/2 hour mark at approx. 400F dome brick temp. By conventional ovens this heat should have been hot enough.
    If my assumptions are correct about the differences of the heat within the walls and the heat actually getting to whatever is to be cooked then this would account for the lack of rise of the YP's
    Although they were still lovely and edible it does seem to suggest to me being a complete novice at this that my assumptions ring true.

    I am sure this is of no great surprise to some of you who have been cooking, baking, roasting etc in a wfo for years, but its something I've not seen mentioned on other posts and so hence my post to ask if anyone out there can either second or dispute my findings.

    Look forward to hearing from anyone with their take on this.

    Kind regards



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      Re: First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

      The wall reading is not your cooking temps, I subtract 50% to get to somewhere near the cooking temps.
      As for Yorkshire pud Im a sucker for it being a Lancs lad, the oven needs to be at almost pizza temps to achieve it successfully.

      Like in a convention oven get the pan and oil smoking before you chuck in the batter.
      The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

      My Build.



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        Re: First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

        Thanks Al for that info, so I was on the right track then, next time I cook I will do the subtraction. I'm still at the experimental stage so very pleased that you have confirmed my thoughts.

        As for the Yorkies, yep your right I don't think the pan was hot enough to get the oil smoking hence the deflated rise.

        Now fancy a Lancs lad knowing about Yorkshire puds.!


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          Re: First Bread Attempt and Slow Roast

          Originally posted by yorkshireknight View Post
          hence the deflated rise.

          Now fancy a Lancs lad knowing about Yorkshire puds.!
          Nothing worse than when your pud wont rise properly.....

          As for eating puds, we wus brunged up on em, I get everyone we meet onto em, they always think they are going to get desert with cream when you mention puds.....
          The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

          My Build.