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  • Semolina Burning

    Hi All,

    Curious how you all handle burnt semolina / other product falling off onto your cooking surface?

    I dust my peel with semolina and find that quite a bit of it ends up being left on the cooking surface after I pull the pie out. Eventually the Semolina that is left on the surface burns and will stick to the bottom of my pies if I don't constantly clean it off.

    I'm just curious how you all manage keeping you cooking surface clean? How often to use your oven brush if it all?


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    Re: Semolina Burning

    I use corn meal to dust the peel. Stretch dough out on some other surface, then gently lift onto cornmeal-dusted peel. (Don't use the peel to press out your doughballs, otherwise coremeal will get pushed into dough. Pies roll off of peel into oven. Cornmeal will smoke and burn but the burned cornmeal stays in oven. Oven floor needs to be swept every couple of pies.


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      Re: Semolina Burning


      When anything falls on the floor of the WFO, We just drag the hot embers over the area after cooking and everything is good to go next time with a nice clear work surface.

      These WFO's are self cleaning due to the high temp they attain.
      Where can I find logs? I need more!
      Finishing the WFO will come after the barn is completed