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anybody ever cooked a short rib rack?

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  • anybody ever cooked a short rib rack?

    hi all
    i have a 4 rib whole rack I want to cook in my napolino 70
    i purchsed a tuscan grill, and I intend to start a fire as if I were to make pizza, then when coals are ready make a bed near the oven mouth, place the grill and put rack bone side down for 2 hours , then turn for another 2 hours.
    has anybody done this! ? does it make sense! ? any tips?

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    Have you read through the Roasting and Grilling section on the forum? I have yet to perfect cooking on my Tuscan grill but I do know that for me it tends to run rather hot and after 4 hours over direct coals at the height of my grill I would probably have a charcoal roast. You might be looking at something more like indirect cooking with a live fire on the side. Here is a link to the Tuscan grill thread but there is plenty of other threads in the roasting/grilling section that could be pertinent.
    My build thread