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Terracotta bakeware details

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  • Kathfootball
    Re: Terracotta bakeware details

    How do I get this stuff? The clay pots I have used before explode in the oven... Thanks kathfootball

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  • james
    started a topic Terracotta bakeware details

    Terracotta bakeware details

    Here is a fun photograph of Sig. Lotti (senior) and their small kiln in S. Gimignano. They are our producer for terra cotta bakeware for woodfired ovens. They also have a large kiln nearby for the firing the bakeware itself, while this one is used for the glaze.

    The bakeware is made from clay quarried in Tuscany (Montelupo, which is also a center for decorative terracotta), mixed with 45% refined alumina (imported from Germany). The bakeware is heat restistant to over 1500F (so it works great in a wood-fired ovens), and you can even use it on a cooktop with direct flame. It is fully food-safe.

    To poke fun at one of our pizza oven competitors, it is interesting to see that there isn't enough alumina in "tuscan clay" for bakeware, and the alumina has to be add. I think that is a reminder that basic "clay" ovens really aren't what you want to use.

    You can find the bakeware in the Forno Bravo Store:
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