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Pizza Peel Anatomy

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  • Pizza Peel Anatomy

    We have started selling the "top-of-the-line" pizza peels from our producer. It is the perforated, rectangular aluminum placing peel. Very cool. I keep one in the office just to show people, and everyone loves handling it.

    I am attaching a graphic that shows why it is such a nice peel.

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    do you find it works well for sliding the pizza in? i would be worried about it catching on the perforations?


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      Prices? Packages?

      These premium tools look really nice. I can't find the prices on the site. Are you offering a package, with the peel, turner, etc?
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        The tools are here:


        And the entire set is here (though the set does not include the perferated peel). Maybe we should add that.


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          Re: Pizza Peel Anatomy

          I have not used one with the perforations or the ovular handle. I REALLY like the idea of the ovular handle and think it would be great for pulling large pizzas out with out worrying about having the peel spin in your hand and dropping the pie. I have had that happen with a large overtopped pizza and a slick round wooden handle. It's disappointing when that happens.

          I've always made the pizza on a board and turned and pulled the pizza with an aluminum peel. The perforations may even help a little if you have to spin the pizza in the oven if it is cooking faster on one side than the other.

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