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Schiacciatta recipe -- Tuscan flatbread

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  • Schiacciatta recipe -- Tuscan flatbread

    I've been making a lot of Schiacciatta recently, and wanted to post a recipe. This is a traditional Schiacciatta al Olio (flatbread from Tuscany), with a sourdough boost.

    If Focaccia is half way between pizza and bread, then Schiacciatta is half way between Focaccia and Pizza. It is flat, and infused with olive oil, bake it pretty hot -- around 500F.

    I make a standard 4 cup dough recipe, with 1 1/2 cups water, 2 tsp salt, 2 tbl oil and yeast, to which you add 1/2 cup of sour starter. Let the dough rise and fall and rise back to double, then cut it into two pieces, which you shape into pizza balls and let rest for an hour. Then stretch the dough into a circle and place it is a round metal pan covered with olive oil. Pour 2 tbl oil on the dough, and let it rise for 30-60 minutes (covered). It should be about 1/2" high.

    Make impressions with your fingers -- like a Focaccia, and bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden. Pour another 1-2 tbl of oil on the bread and let it rest for a minute. Incredible. Now I know how the Italians consume so much olive oil. One restaurant owner told me they used to dunk the Schiacciatta in a tub of oil after taking it out of the oven. The sourdough helps with the crunchy texture of the bread and with a little flavor. I'd been making it for 18 months before I started adding the sour, and it really adds something.

    We use it as bread with a meal, for lunch and with appetizers.

    Give it a try.

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    how do you pronouce Schiacciatta?


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      Skah - chah - tah. Wally can correct my pronunciation (hey, it happens to me all the time anyway). The ones you see in bakeries are about 18"wide x 48" long -- they're huge, and dripping great olive oil. The store cuts off a piece and weighs it for you. Porta via.

      Robert, you can make a pretty long one in your oven. Use your biggest peel, and a couple of helping hands.



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        Hi there, Wally from Italy here,
        well, about the sound of the word, probably it is correct 100%,(cool)
        even if I am not able to read the english way to do the pronunciation.
        At chah..you should put a stronger accent on CH..since there are two
        CC..like CCHAH...
        At the Skah...you should say as when you say in english Ski (those
        ones used for the snow)...
        I like as I said in the past that american people like our italian
        traditions .

        Only one thing to say is about SO MUCH olive oil in the schiacciata.
        Well, we must keep in mind that the people in the restaurant have not
        much time to keep the head each day for their recipes, so they use
        what we call CORRECTORS to adjust the recipe and make the people
        happy for the first 10 minutes, when they try the taste. Olive oil is
        a good corrector and you see always the people happy.
        On the other side it is more difficult to do the schiacciata or any
        other recipe with a better look at tradition and at our own HEALT.
        Too much oil is quite wrong, because we must consider also that we
        should put this in our stomach !
        If possible let's try at least to prepare a kind of mix between water
        and oil with 1:1 oil and water. I know that they do not mix properly,
        but if you shake hard, you should get a good kind of "mix".
        Now you are ready to do a kind of spray or to use a spoon and put
        this solution on the schiacciata (also at beginning of cooking is you
        use a normal oven in home because the water keeps the top quite soft)
        If you put too much oil or similar things on the schiacciata or
        whatever else you will get what we call "'NCULASTRATA" quite hard to
        say and it is not a nice word, anyway it gives the sense that it is
        something with too much of one thing...

        see ya and have a good schiacciata.