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Pumpkin Seed Bread and other stuff.

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  • Pumpkin Seed Bread and other stuff.

    I wanted to do a bread with some nuts or seeds. I stumbled across this interesting bread recipe and method found here. Farine: Pumpkin Seed Bread

    I was not impressed with the method and will make changes on the next run. For the autolyse it says to use most of the water (hold some back for hydration adjustment)... well in my opinion that is not enough. The pumpkin and the levains adds so much of the moisture that to hold it back after the autolyse leaves you with something so dry that there is no purpose in doing an autolyes. Then you add the levain and the pumpkin...I ended up being quite sloppy so I needed to make some adjustments with more flour. Next time if I autolyes the pumpkin and levian will be included then I can adjust using the water that was held back.

    The bread itself was a bit dense like a rye and the seeds made a nice texture, overall it is quite nice. I have some ideas that may get the bread closer to what I was expecting. I think the seeds lost some of distinctive flavor and texture due to the cold fermentation stage. Next time I will hold them back until after the retardation and see if I can't get some of that pop back in them.

    None the less is was a good bread and a nice change from some of the standard daily breads.

    For those of you wanting to know about the effects of steam on your bread and crust look at the third picture. I was playing with the steam injection system and just had the pipe shoved in the door. To do that the door had a gap to the flue so steam was lost up the chimney and the oven was not well saturated with the steam. But you can clearly see in the picture what got steam and what didn't.

    Now the other stuff,

    I had some pumpkin left over and I hate to just chuck out good food so I made this Sourdough Pumpkin Pizza dough. I don't have the exact formula because it was a real wing it deal. But if any one is interested I could get something close.

    Surprisingly the pumpkin came through after baking. Nothing strong but a real pleasant smell and taste. Next time I'll do a desert pizza with this and I think is a real winner. The pizza was baked in the house oven on pans so it is not tested in the WFO yet.

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    Re: Pumpkin Seed Bread and other stuff.

    Faith, I frequent the Farine site as well, I need to go back and watch the G?rard Rubaud videos again..

    Thanks for pointing out the steam differences, the crust of the left loaf is so much better in comparison to the right loaf. I'll look forward to your formula and steam mods.