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    Hello all you fine folks I am a newbie to the wood-fired world I am still in the planning and gathering of money stage but I would love to contribute what i can to the cause. I have read so many hours of the building threads and I have learned much. i am still deciding how i want to do my oven but in the meantime i want to make an offering so to speak to the wood-fire gods lol. thus I offer my favorite bread recipe. It is my own not a copy of anyone else I make this bread every week actually two to three times a week depending on how many times my son and grand daughter drop in a visits the pantry. it is easy delicious and fairly healthful. It is over one third whole wheat. I do hope this pleases the wood-fired gods palates
    OK here goes. I would love for someone to try this in a wood-fired oven and let me know if it works in a wood-fired oven. Then I will be ahead of the game when I finally build one later this year.

    Mainville Family Bread Recipe
    1 egg and enough water to bring the total weight to (473) grams (YES I do weigh the water), 1 Tbs. butter (or extra virgin olive oil) heat it all in microwave for 1 min. let sit while you mix the first part of the recipe

    In a large bowl (I use my stand mixer bowl) put:

    1 ? cups (197 grams) white whole wheat flour

    1 tbs. instant yeast

    2 Tbs. vital wheat gluten

    1 Tbs. malted barley flour

    1 ? tsp. salt

    1 tbs. Honey or sugar either one works well but I prefer the honey

    Add the warmed water and butter and whisk together till it makes a smooth warm batter

    Add 3 1/2 cups (550 grams) bread flour
    Mix in stand mixer for ten minutes or mix with a spoon then knead for ten minutes by hand adding flour to prevent sticking till dough is smooth and elastic.

    If using a stand mixer turn out the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead for a bout two minutes flouring jut enough to make it not stick to your hands or the counter top.
    Place in an oiled bowl (you can simply spray a bowl with cooking spray and plop in the dough and then spray the dough as well) I have recently started to use extra virgin olive oil because I love the flavor it imparts to the finished bread.

    Cover with a moist towel and let sit in a warm place (85 deg F) till doubled... About an hour.
    (An oven with a big bowl of hot water placed on the bottom of the oven is perfect).
    Turn the dough out onto the counter. No flour on the counter this time.Cut the dough gently into twelve even pieces? (I use a weight scale) it is usually about 1260 grams total weight for the recipe so each bun is about 105 grams.

    Roll the dough pieces gently in your hands in such a way as to stretch the ?skin? of the dough and tuck it under making a ball of which the surface is smooth all the way round. Think of it as stretching the surface and tucking in the wrinkles underneath the ball. A sort of dough ball facelift if you will. Set the dough balls on a cookie sheet or 1/2 sheet pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray or olive oil, if you like you can also dust it with cornmeal. Once again spray the dough balls with cooking spray and cover with that still moist towel and let rise again for about an hour. now is the imje to preheat your oven to 425 degrees. The best way to tell if they are risen enough is when you space them on a half sheet pan like I do, when the dough balls get big enough that they just begin to touch they are ready for the oven. with your oven at 425 degrees F remove the towel and bake for 16-18 mines. Just for evenness I take the bread out and rotate the pan half way through the cooking time, but if you don?t care about appearances then don?t bother. Take the bread buns out of the oven and let cool as long as you can stand to wait before you simply have to butter one or more of them and eat while you dream that you have gone to bread heaven.

    Some notes:
    This recipe works perfectly if you use exactly the ingredients I do. But will do nicely even if you substitute a bit on the flour ratios.
    Here is where you get the stuff you might never have heard of:
    The white whole wheat flour is King Arthur brand available at any big grocery store or online
    The vital wheat gluten is in the baking isle of most big grocery stores or online. It is made by Hodgton.
    Malted barley flour, online is the only place I know of to get it. Hodgton makes it as well as some others.
    The instant yeast can be gotten at any Sam?s club but Costco carries the red star brand and it should work just as well. Ps: this is the cheapest way to buy yeast that I know of. It?s less than 1/4 the price of those little packets you buy at the store.
    The flour measuring technique to use (if you don?t have a weight scale ) is the simple scoop and swipe method
    Scoop the cup measure in the flour bag and swipe off the excess with a flat object like a knife or ruler.
    If you have a gram scale then use it, for you will get a far more predictably consistent product by weighing the flour than with any other method of measuring.
    I am not a professional baker, and yet this recipe comes out perfect every time, and once you are used to it, it takes very little effort. It is the taste and consistency that make this bread so wonderful.
    The buns are the perfect serving size for sandwiches and hamburgers, or simply a roll with dinner, and they make delightful toast as well.
    One more change! I no longer spray the tops with cooking spray before and after the second rise. Instead I take a clean spray bottle and fill it with water and spray the buns before and after the second rise, then again half way through the cooking cycle when I am turning the pan around anyway. This will give you a nice hard crust like a Kaiser roll. You can also do nothing at all to the tops and they come out simply delicious as well. Lately that all I do with the tops.

    For an onion roll variation I take minced dried onions like you get in the spice isle at your local grocery
    and toast them in a nonstick fry pan with either olive oil or butter over medium heat stirring with a wooden spoon or use the shake and flip method if you dare and you are good at it, till they are a nice golden brown. Cool them and add ? cup of them to the dough mixture before you start kneading it in either the stand mixer or by hand. Everything else is the same. But before you cook the buns take two egg yolks and about 2 Tbs. of milk. Wisk it together and then use a pastry brush to very gently coat each bun. Bake as usual and start thinking up things to put on them for sandwiches mmmmmmmm. My favorite is thin sliced turkey, havarti cheese, fresh sliced tomato, and a bit of Thousand Island dressing yum again.
    By the way the cost for this entire batch of bread isn?t just cheap it is dirt cheap. we are talking 50 to 60 cents for the entire twelve buns, and the health value is enormous since there is nothing artificial and it is more than 1/3 whole wheat, very low in sugar, and just a smidgen of fat. All in all this bread has everything you want in a bread, flavor, ease of making, consistency, and value. Now if they only had a Nobel Prize for bread ?.lol