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Paula Figoni "How baking works"

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  • Paula Figoni "How baking works"

    Several years ago I've found the translation of that book in the local store.
    It doesn't have any recipes.
    It doesn't have nice full-color pictures.

    But it deals with all that chemistry that makes baking so dependent on fundamental knowledge unlike the other branches of culinary, where many people produce more or less good disheы without bothering themselves with stuff like proteins, lipids, denaturation, acids, alcali and so on.

    It's quite practical since it's written for those how probably don't understand chemistry at all and it's not overloaded with deep scientific facts and stuff, but it shows in simple way all about baking - types, characteristics, behavior and interacts of almost all baking-important products - flours, fats, yeasts, liquids, sweteners, starches, eggs, leaveners, and so on - in every aspects. It's very useful if one want to understand the processes and make their experiments much more intelligent and predictable.

    PS. Well, she didn't write about WFO!
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    Re: Paula Figoni "How baking works"

    Thanks for the tip, I just ordered a copy!
    My oven: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/21/t...html#post46599
    My blog: Live For Pizza