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no-knead bread

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  • no-knead bread

    Concerning the No-Knead bread method, can common brown paper bag or regular wax paper be substituted for parchment paper when rising the dough and then transferring the dough along with the paper to the preheated pot for baking? Using parchment paper is costly!

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    Re: no-knead bread

    I'm not sure, but it seems reasonable.

    Why not try all three and compare the results.

    And don't forget to let us know which you prefer.

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      Re: no-knead bread

      I haven't tried to use regular brown paper, but the waxed paper, when I tried to use it, was not water resistant enough and tore. It's fine if the hydration isn't so high. Even when you put a lot of flour on it, it's just not good. My unbleached parchment paper even gets sort of water-logged looking, but it holds up ok. I suspect the brown paper won't work either, but it's worth a try. Even if it falls apart, that dough is pretty forgiving stuff.... and an ugly loaf of that is better than a pretty store bought one!



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        Re: no-knead bread

        Most likely will saturate the paper and tear when you try to remove it...unfortunately
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          Re: no-knead bread

          Maybe put it on a well-floured cloth serviette or dish cloth? That won't tear and you could reuse it each time you bake.
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            Re: no-knead bread

            OK, coming in late on this and not sure if this would be of a detriment to quality of finished product but perhaps saturating the brown paper with olive oil would retard the water intrusion enough so that the paper wouldn't loose it strength. They do make a water proof brown paper but I'm not sure I would want to use it in direct contact with food or cook food in or on it.


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              Re: no-knead bread


              A few hints we re-use parchment paper-just like they do in a bakery!! When it starts to tear or turns brown its pitched. We brush off crumbs and put it away with the cookie sheets to keep flat.

              When I make the no-knead bread I do not use the parchment paper. I use a plastic cutting board, spray with oil place the dough seam side down, then when ready flip it in the dutch oven.

              The no - knead bread is my favorite!!
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