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Homemade pasta sauce

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  • Homemade pasta sauce

    Has anybody made pasta sauce in their wfo? I have a great recipe that doubles as a pizza sauce and have made it for a few years now and canned. Ive always done it in the oven but now that i have my wfo i was wondering if i could save some electricity and keep the heat out of the house. I guess my biggest question is it needs to be evaporated down to thick saucey consistency and alot of moisture goes into the air. Will this hurt anything with the oven?

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    So, wife and i made a big batch of sauce last week. Took about 6 hours to boil down. Decided to roast the tomatoes and onions in the wfo for todays batch. Start to canned in 1.5 hours. Im in love with this thing! Pizza party tonight!