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Packet Dinners.....

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  • Packet Dinners.....

    I'm doing packet dinners over an open fire and know they will do just fine in a WFO. We do them in a closed grill as well and you can do them in a conventional oven.

    Basically, put things you like in a Foil Packet. We've been doing fish lately but this recipe goes way back to boy scouts when they used hamburgers. Basically meat and vegetables with some oil or butter, maybe a spash of white wine. Cook them until they sizzle (1/4 hour to 3/4 of an hour depending on how big your packet is and how hot the fire is...)

    Recent recipe:

    spray foil with canola spray or olive oil
    put a layer thin potatoe slices on the bottom of foil "packet"
    put spices on potatoes (parsley, sage, rosemary and lots of thyme....)
    put meat on spices (this recipe used fresh bass fillets)
    put long thin slices of onions and peppers over fish
    pile some green beans on either side
    put 2 T butter cut up over top
    splash of white wine (for steaming)
    salt and pepper to taste
    wrap up the package carefully and seal all edges (some may want two layers of foil)

    also, you can add any other spices or seasoning mix you like.
    put anything else you like....my wife does lots of mushrooms

    this is a kid friendly meal as they can make up thieir own packets!
    ....big kid friendly too!

    I put them on a grill over a wood fire for 20 minutes and let them rest a few minutes before opening.

    For the WFO I would just toss them in on the hot hearth....
    or the coals ....
    or use your tuscan grill.

    Okay have some fun, what's your version?

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    Re: Packet Dinners.....

    We do these too! We've done them in campfire coals and on the BBQ and my father-in-law used to cook them in the indoor fireplace.

    Our version - any or all of the following (whatever's on hand):

    potato slices
    carrots slices
    mushroom slices
    tomato slices
    green beans
    coarsely chopped onion
    ground beef meatballs (the kids loved rolling them when they were young)
    salt & pepper
    herbes de provence ... or what's on hand (thyme & rosemary are good)

    The rest of the family adds a glop of BBQ sauce but I like your idea of adding wine. I find the tomatoes provide adequate juice though.

    We make the pouches first - double-walled, from heavy-duty foil, if possible, grease the inside with oil, toss everything in and then try to close our overstuffed packets. That's the most important part - sealing it well enough so that the juices don't leak out.

    And parents of finicky kids, take note - they will eat every vegetable that comes out of their packet if they assembled it themselves!!



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      Re: Packet Dinners.....

      You're right, we use a tomato also....adds a nice moisture and these packets create their own sauce!
      Sharing life's positives and loving the slow food lane


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        Re: Packet Dinners.....

        Our 2 favourite versions of these:

        A nice bit of steak, coated in french onion soup mix on both sides (trust me) and topped with slices or whole tinned tomatoes and sliced onion.

        Or a piece of salmon, brushed with pesto and topped with a slice of steamed pumpkin and mushrooms.

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            Re: Packet Dinners.....

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