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Roast lamb 4 Christmas!

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  • Roast lamb 4 Christmas!

    Hello everyone, I hope you're all spiffing and great!

    This Christmas, my wife and I are hosting the dinner for the family - and I have spent too many years moaning about 'boring old turkey' to let the chance slip by now to cook:


    (all the vegetables for this meal are to be cooked in the regular gas oven, or on the gas hob - the meat is my job, and it IS going to be roasted in the wfo!)

    I'm still feeling my way in the use of the wfo. In the 'lectric oven, I would cook leg of lamb for about five hours at 140C, and then see a pretty well done leg, with a few knuckly bits to tantalise the old taste buds. Yum just thinking about it!

    So, how do I go about roasting two legs of lamb in the wfo?, please?

    What sort of temperature should I get the oven up to before slamming in the lamb?

    I really need to know this so that I can plan the meal cooking time.

    Now, I know that all ovens are different - I am looking for some general guidelines on this.

    Thanks for reading; this remains one of the forums that I return to read time and time against for the loveliness of the subject and generosity of the contributors, so I really look forward to your replies, however 'off-beat'!

    Seasonal recommendations very welcome!

    Puy de Dome

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    Re: Roast lamb 4 Christmas!

    Hi Puy de Dome

    my wife and I are hosting the dinner for the family - and I have spent too many years moaning about 'boring old turkey'
    We rotate our Christmas dinner lunch between the homes of my wife's sister, brother and our place, but every Christmas night is "open house" at our place.
    Like you the traditional roast is turkey (as my father in law used to raise 1000 turkeys a year for the Indian Pacific railway and Christmas orders) but we also have a roast lamb and cooked ham. It is usually leftovers for tea which makes it easy on everyone as the day is just one big meal.
    We host next years ans the oven will be working overtime from 7am through to midnight.
    Have a good one.

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      Re: Roast lamb 4 Christmas!

      With just one turkey under my belt so far I may be not be the best person in the world to give advice... but I'l just go ahead and give you some anyway, ok?

      I think you had best try to replicate the electric recipe as closely as possible. Make sure the oven is well saturated with heat before you start, so bring it up to full pizza heat for a while (the night before maybe) and then let it cool down. Five hours at 140 C... hm, I'd guess if you put the lamb in at around 160 C then it'd cool down to about 130 C by the time you took it out. And it'd probably take a bit less time, 4 hours say?

      I think it would depend on how fast our oven cools down when it gets to that temperature, but that's how I'd try doing it in mine...

      So where are our experience lamb cookers around here?
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        Re: Roast lamb 4 Christmas!

        In the 'lectric oven, I would cook leg of lamb for about five hours at 140C, and then see a pretty well done leg
        I dare say. That's 284 degrees fahrenheit for the metrically challenged.

        We like a leg of lamb pretty pink inside. For one of the small Australian legs of lamb, I'd get the oven just white, shovel out the fire, let it sit with the door off for about an hour, than put the oven thermometer in and the door on. About 45 minutes later it should be down to about 450f. In goes the lamb on a rack in a roasting pan, with about a cup of liquid in the bottom to prevent the drippings from burning. Roast with the door on for about 90 minutes, and you should have a leg of lamb that's brown on the outside, and pink on the inside. My oven would be about 375f. at the end of the hour and a half.

        One of those remote probe meat thermometers is a good investment. If you really want your lamb well done, you should start at a lower temperature, as you'd have some exterior char by the time your inside got well done.
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          Re: Roast lamb 4 Christmas!


          Lamb may be one of our favorite WFO meats and we usually do it this way.

          WE also love to do lamb shanks!
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