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Grilled chicken breasts

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  • Grilled chicken breasts

    We were are Ramekins today, cooking with the chefs at the cooking school, and Peter did a simple grilled chicken that really worked. He marinated the boneless chicken breasts in olive oil, chopped onion, salt, pepper and pepper salt.

    He pulled the coals under the grill and cooked the chicken in a hot oven. They were done in about 10 minutes, lightly browned and still moist. Flipped once -- which probably wasn't necessary. I thought the onion in the marinate really added something.

    Simple and good.

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    Grilling Chicken

    Mt wife was out of town on Saturday.
    The gardeners and I decided to grill some
    meat. I have posted about the beef, not
    I will touch on the chicken.
    We defrosted the chicken on the counter
    top. In our tropical island heat, it was
    about an hour before the chicken was
    defrosted enought so that I could pull
    the meat apart. I used a bit of vinegar,
    some soy sauce, soem ginger and garlic,
    a some pepper and dry oregano. I marinated
    the chicken for an hour or so. After the
    chicken was thawed, we continues to
    marinate it while we cooked the beef.
    We then put the chicken over a small
    grill, about 8 x 10" with rods running about
    an inch apart. The chicken was small and
    my houseboy had cut it up in fairly small
    peices, so I put in a small aluminum pan over
    the grill, and put the chicken peices into the
    aluminum pan. I pulled some wood coals from
    the back of the oven, put on the grill, it has
    2 3/4 inch legs in the four corners, and it has a
    small handle about 4 inches long. The grill is
    hand made out of stainless bar. We put the
    grill over the coals. Then we put the pan
    over the grill and poured the marinate in on top
    of the chicken. The whole works started to boil.
    We turned the chicken oven and brought it to the
    table. Wow, what chicken. The guys had never
    tasted anything quite so tender. They sure enjoyed
    the chicken and also the beef that we had marinated
    and cooked in the same manner on the same grill.
    Big difference in taste.


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      Grilling Pork

      My elderly cousin bought me a kilo or cut pork
      on Sunday morning. I started a small fire and
      marinated the pork. The meat had been cut up
      simular to port chops but much more ragged and
      not uniform in thickness. I marinated the pork in
      a large bowl using vinegar, oregano, garlic and
      black pepper. I let them marinate while the fire burned
      down. Then I pulled some coals forward and put a
      grill from my turbo broiler over the coals, but
      a small aluminum pan over the grill and left the pork
      alone. I came back in about 20 minutes, turned the
      meat and came back in about another 20 minutes,
      poured the marinate over the meat and turned the meat
      again. I left it another 10 minutes and as the oven
      cooled I brought the meat in for use at the table. My
      wife is not to fond of local pork, but she ate with gusto.
      The pork was well done, juicy and very tender. The
      aluminum pan was not burned and will be good for many
      more uses. We have barbeques many times, but this is
      a form of cooking that is slow and so juicy. The meat here
      is often tough, but this meat was so tender. We have done
      beef, chicken and pork on a grill in the front of the
      oven. This is about the best meat we have ever hand
      since we have been in the Philippines. What a way to cook.
      Mama has ordered a beef brisket for this evening. Anyone
      want dinner.