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Suckling Pig or Baby Lamb

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  • Suckling Pig or Baby Lamb

    Has anyone any experience with either of these ingredients.

    Know I can do a pork butt, whole ham and leg of lamb. whta bout the whole thing.


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    No takers here? Nobody has done this yet?
    - J
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      Lambs to the slaughter.

      I've seen and feasted on whole lambs cooked in both my Dad and Uncle's ovens. Both were major successes. Just make sure your opening is big enough to fit the widest part of whatever beast you are stuffing in there. I'm going to install a spit system in my oven somehow. I'm thinking of building a spit rod accepter into the back wall and running a geared down electric motor from the oven landing. I'm also thinking of buying a bunch of helicopters though, so don't count on it.. Probably work though..


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        Do remember how hot, or how long?
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          There is a long time since I saw an entire pig being baked in a brick oven.

          The pig was perfectly cleaned by a wide vertical opening from the chest to the end of the stomach.

          The oven was heated by a couple of hours. The correct temperature was indicated by use of a newspaper, that was left in the cleaned oven hearth (with the fire and coals out). When the paper browns, without be in fire, the temperature should be ok.

          I did not do this temperature test in my oven since I have 8 thermocouples installed in it (I promise I will next time), however I am supposing that could be nearly of 250 ?C (482?F).

          The pig was baked by nearly of two hours, until perfectly dry and brown.

          I could recall that the cooker takes the pig a couple of times to check the pig skin and meat.

          I hope this help.



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            How did you do the pork butt? And I'm assuming it might work for brisket as well??


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              Roast Lamb

              We have done a number of roast lambs legs and shoulders over wood fire in a masonary BBQ with front opening. It was done on a rack above the fire and turned regularly.

              The initial lamb is pierced with a knife and garlic slices inserted...as to your liking. The lamb is marinated ahead of time in a olive oil and wine emulsion done with rosemary and thyme. Overnight has worked for us.

              I will either put it on a rack in my oven or in a dish. I've seen the Spanish use their terra cotta dishes for all types or roasting and stews. Maybe 1/2 a suckling pig too!

              Throw some fresh rosemary in your oven. Adds some of life's spice to the air and the food. ( I do it for my open fire paellas, most appetizing and I'm sure it's going to be great inside the oven when we do our first lamb this month)

              good eating....jim
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                Re: Suckling Pig or Baby Lamb

                G'day all, has anyone done a 6kg leg of pork in a wood fired oven, just wondering how long it takes?