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Pork and celery

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  • Pork and celery

    After making our own pizzas - which I forgot to photo - I defrosted a bit of pork (hubby decided to fatten up his own pig) - and so now we have plenty of pork and I wasn't afraid to waste some (first batch of cooking) as I was worried the pork would smell as it sometimes does when he gets it from the village.
    I seasoned the pork well with salt pepper, garlic, olive oil - roughly chopped loads of celery- added juice of 1 lemon & threw that in - then I poured water to cover the bottom of the pan about an inch - put the top on and put in oven - went to bed.
    Here's the finished dish - very tasty but I cooked it too many hours - if I were to do this again I would use more meat.
    Not bad for a first attempt, don't you think?
    Pizzas were good too but I'm not a great fan of pizzas.

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    Re: Pork and celery

    Looks bloody fantastic!!! I love Pork belly...esp when it is slow cooked, melts in your mouth!! In regards of pizzas....you will never get a better cooked one then out of a WFO!!! But like you, I cook more meals like meats and vegies in my oven than pizzas, but I do love pizzs too!!! Next time you do pork belly...try smoking it, I think it would be out of this world with flavour!!! Great job!!



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      Re: Pork and celery

      Thanks Scott will try many dishes!! We are learning now we just need hubby to go get wood!


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        Re: Pork and celery

        Looks great for a 1st attempt! That's pretty much how we do pork as well in the wfo using pork ribs and they get a little smokey too which is nice but they are thin so it cooks shorter. I'll have to try a shoulder your way with celery, lemon, garlic.

        I'm almost envious of your village pork, even if it can be too strong sometimes. Our mass-market pork in the states can be pretty bland. But, hey, that's what all those wonderful herbs and vegi's are for
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          Re: Pork and celery

          Really Dino - you don't want to experience stinky pork! It smells like you are sitting in the sty, can even put a meat lover off for life!! Mother-in-law wants to cook a whole lamb again on Sunday for her youngest son (favourite) as it's his name day on Friday (St George) Yiorgos - I know she wants me to either do it on the spit or put it in the oven - spit is wayyyyy to much cleaning and preparation for me (yep I get left to do everything else [ and I work fulltime]cleaning - salads tzatziki, potatoes etc etc) and I do not have enough experience with the oven to try that and it's probably too small and I don't want to ruin 120 euro of meat! - crazy money!!!! And paid for by a woman who pleads poverty! She'll ask us (eldest son but NOT fav) to reimburse her next week - always happens! *sigh*
          We really wanted to cook the rest of the pork in the oven for his name day as I wouldn't feel guilty if it wasn't perfect as we reared it! BUt lamb means celebration in Greece as you may well know!
          Hubby said we'll do more pizzas until we are experts and then we'll sell to the neighbours! (Note sell not give! lol)
          Have a great day! and try the pork - it was really tasty.