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    I had to upload some pix on another thread, so figured I'd do these as well...

    Sunday afternoons effort...

    Butterflied Duck with Chinese five Spice (Gives it a hint of Peking Duck)

    80% Bread Rolls

    Snapper with Lime and Tarragon (pix before it was cooked)

    Yum... Yumm and Yummmm

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    Re: Basic

    The snapper must be a bit smaller where you live.
    This is what we like to bring home.
    Dunno how I'd fit it in my oven though.
    What I prefer to do with the 10kg fish is , fillet 'em, skin the fillet and cut em into about inch chunks, roll them in flour and fry them.
    Melt in your mouth.
    I cut the rib cage off the fillet and salt it and hot smoke it.
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      Re: Basic

      Nice fish! My fishing effort for today was less fruitful with Grunter all being a couple of cm undersize and of the 30 odd mud crabs, 6 were undersize males and the rest were huge females. At least the fishery is loaded with breeding stock.

      There have been plenty of crabs about so one research trip is not so bad since days spent fishing are not deducted from the allocated quota of days before we die.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: Basic

        My mate caught that snapper 20 minutes after I told him his rod was too long, his line and hooks were too small, he was casting in the wrong direction and in any case the rest of the guys at work reckoned he was the kiss of death as far as fishing was concerned.
        Down here we have two size limits and quotas.
        You can take two fish each that are over 600mm long, and ten each between 600 and 380.
        We went home with 4 big ones (+600mm) and 4 less than 600mm that night.
        Shoulda seen his face when I said, "nah, we'll get a bigger one" and threw back a 660mm fish.
        10 minutes later we had a 800mm fish in the boat.
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          Re: Basic

          Originally posted by wotavidone View Post
          The snapper must be a bit smaller where you live.
          Not at all... This size is sweeeet!!

          And it was FREE !!


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            Re: Basic

            As long as it was at least 38cm long.
            I gotta say though, you are right about sweet. Love pan size snapper.
            Big ones can be rank.
            Until I figured out that skinned, boneless snapper chunks tossed in seasoned flour and shallow fried are delightful, I used to call big snapper "neighbour fish".
            I considered the best thing you could do with a big snapper was give it to the neighbours to impress 'em. When I think of the prime fish I gave away....

            I gave it away for a couple of years, but lately I've been fishing with a guy who started working for us last year.
            He said was disappointed with the fishing up here, which was a problem, because the lifestyle change from the city was an important part of his decision to take the job.
            He's not a bad bloke, so after watching him fish with a couple of local no-hopers and get nowhere, I swore him to secrecy and took him snapper fishing.
            I musta been doing the right thing, because after a three year hiatus, we hit big fish the first night out.
            So that first night, while we were waiting for the fish to come on the bite, we got to talking about ways to cook them. I told him about my recipe.
            He tried with the fish he caught that night (his first ever big snapper, as it happens), and he was gobbed smacked when the kids cleaned their plates and came back for more.