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Pizza Thurs Lamb roast Saturday

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  • Pizza Thurs Lamb roast Saturday

    We had a guest from Rome (and Sicily). She did the toppings. I did the fire and dough.

    She complained that our mozzarella was okay for pizza, but really unacceptable substitute. I agree, but good mozzarella is hard in the hinter land.

    Tomato from imported stewed San Marzano tomatoes (that passed the test). Onions, garlic, fresh basil.

    Slowly sauteed onions

    Sauteed sliced button mushrooms with wine and onions.

    Saturday night we roasted lamb roast done to Cooking Illustrated directions. Garlic, rosemary, basil. basted with EVO.

    I probably started the roasting too hot. Lamb roast is not uniform in size. Perhaps I could have foiled the small end. Everyone loved it.

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    Re: Pizza Thurs Lamb roast Saturday

    Sounds excellent....

    I am sure there is no mozzarella in the entire US that would satisfy someone from Sicily...

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      Re: Pizza Thurs Lamb roast Saturday

      She did admit that they do not use the "good stuff" on most pizzas. On caprese salads they do use the buffala mozzarella.

      There is a grocery store in Santa Barbara that sells the real stuff (Italian) I suppose it is pasteurized. the unpasterized cheese has zero shelf life.