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Pizza at RedbrickNick

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  • Pizza at RedbrickNick

    So Saturday morning and I am lone with the 23 month old terror of my life, Moya. I am trying to urethane the last of her bed that I am making and she thinks it is great sport to suck apple juice through a straw and then point the straw at me and let fly. To take the edge off we walk to the post office to get Friday?s mail. That puts her in her place as she wants to be carried after 2 blocks on a 10 block walk, glad I brought my 40 yr plus wagon. On the way back my phone buzzes. I do not particularly like cell phones but with the wife that is about to pop out another changeling it is a must. Dude! now why did some mulluck have to jack up my phone bill by sending me a text message? Dang I wish there was a way to lock out internet connection and text messaging ? there goes another 10 cents.

    Well this one is cryptic edited it says
    ?This sunday is Crush at Eddie?s. We will be making wine from 2ish to darkish. then eating pizza and getting s-faced till late. (Address redacted) Bring wine?
    Well that sounds interesting it would be after church, don?t think the wife has anything planned. Don?t recognize the phone number and have no idea who Eddie is. However the two intriguing hooks for me are getting S-faced and pizza. I never did get into getting blitzed but I have enjoyed watching my friends make fools of themselves and then driving them home in their cars. The wife gets home from work and I ask her what plans she has for us on Sunday. She says none really but ?I would like to go out? ah how about this and I show her the text message on the phone. She too horns in on getting s-faced and says lets go. Great here are two of us that don?t drink going to a drinking party. She asks if I know who are host is? I say not really but I think it might be this Tasman RedbrickNick.

    Now unfortunately Nick did not get an invite to our annual Kiss The Summer Goodbye BBQ, he could have crashed it. We had a brace of beers left over so I throw those into the reefer and toss in a Chardonay for measure. Not wanting to be there early we procrastinate until almost 4pm. In the boot I have the beers and a 15 to 20 pound Tornoto cobble stone from CanuckJim. The house is one of the originals left on a block of apartments. Lisie comments on the succulent garden that makes up the terraced front. I comment on folks weaving through the prickly patch on their way home and what is up with the Nutcracker with an attitude? Moya is leading the way to the back and sure enough Nick shouts out Hey there is Joe Engineer!

    What did we eat last night, mmmmm, fresh grapes hanging on the vine and 90 second pizza of course! Hopefully Nick will find time to post some photos.

    The party was a blast, great music fun and warm guests and a host that throws a mean dough. Lisie said we should have brought the truck to borrow some nautical theme artwork. Moya terrorized a cat and got a return with a dog that did not like her fast approach. Unfortunately we had to leave as the party was warming up due to a toddler?s curfew.

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    Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

    Were any of Nicks laborers in attendance?

    We gotta know!!!

    My oven progress -


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      Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

      Nick, great to hear you are up and cooking. We need photos.

      Patrick, can you describe Nick (can it be done)? :-)

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        Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

        Yes, we all await pictures of Nick's penny covered oven, better yet, of the laborers completing the penny covered oven.

        Patrick, were you a novelist in a previous life? You really tell things well. Fun story.



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          Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

          I do believe some of the leggy labourers were there. If not then he has a very fine harem on that Palm Pilot. Unfortunately I could not describe The Nick in very flattering terms due to the fact that
          1. He had been working all day to prep for this soiree
          2. The previous night was also a bender for a friends mom?s 60th birthday bash
          3. He was busy at work playing the host with the most ? bartender, greeter, tour guide, pizzaola

          As we all have done, & I am in this basket too, it is a fine line between making sure things run smoothly and being able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. For our BBQ I always end the night thinking ? gee I didn?t really get to talk to anyone I was being pulled in so many directions. This was Nick. Most folks figured that at best you could get 3 minutes of talk time as he added the ingredients to your personal pizza.

          Ok so here is a rough impression of Nick He kinda looks like the Trooper seen in this painting with longer and lighter hair.
          A strong and engaging handshake, no limp fish here. Like the other builders on this site ? when someone says come on over if you are in the neighbourhood I strongly recommend that you do it.

          Thanks for the reminder of the penny covering. At the moment the dome is covered in pearlite/vermiculite cement. The top of the dome was slightly warm to the touch couldn?t heat up water for tea on it though. We added 3 copper pennies for his collection. Now that the oven is being used it is taking a bit longer for him to finalize it. The overhanging vent looks good and fits the decor, however I think the vent/flue is too small as the draft is about ? and ?. Even with that the venting does not get in the way of the pie handler. The landing is not quite done, Nick has a granite corner stone that needs to be placed. It is a bit big and will look sweet when it is cemented in. As for the cobble stone, it will not be placed as a keystone but should still show up prominently near the corner stone. Nick was very appreciative of the international offering from Jim.

          No I do not have any ?creative writing skills? In fact one year one of my high school writing professors made us keep daily journals. I was already doing that and was a bit irked that some authoritative figure would be looking at something so personal. In reality I put stuff in it like what movie I went to and what infraction against my person that my sisters inflicted upon me. So I did a Leonardo DaVinci on it. I wrote, in cursive, backwards. the only way to read it was to train your eyes or put it up in a mirror. He flunked me for the course because he couldn?t read it. I retorted to him that this was a creative writing class & I was being creative ? shove it. Another student wrote theirs in Latin ? they too flunked. And this was a Catholic School. Yes sometimes I get a bug and write. Every 2 years I put out A Christmas Letter in June. Some of them are really novellas as they run upwards of 6 pages at Arial , 8 pitch. yikes.


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            Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

            Hey Patrick,

            I'm confused. Which one of those guys lying down is Nick? :-)
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              Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

              A very quick reply is all I can muster at this time I'm afraid, and the photos are yet to trickle in.. Southern California is on fire, my best friend is flying in from London in forty five minutes.. He's a chef of note, and we will undoubtedly fire the oven half the days he's here.. Patrick and his family are awesome.. Smiley kids eating grapes off the vine.. Magic.. The cobblestone from Jim is a gem.. It's all smooth on one side from wagon wheel traffic.. A gorgeous piece of history, and a noble gift.. The hanging vent works, though only with careful fire management.. Olive has worked best for us so far.. 1 by 6 by 2 foot Oak offcuts from a sawmill.. Great as kindling, smoky when left big.. More soon I promise..


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                Re: Pizza at RedbrickNick

                Nick is the gunslinger standing in the middle of the carnage of course