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So we went to the land of the long white cloud............

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  • So we went to the land of the long white cloud............

    ....and while we were travelling around the countryside, we chanced to stop at a little country town called Otarohanga. It has a nice little pub called the Thirsty Weta Bar and Eatery. Couldn't help but drop in for a glass. While there, we noticed the "specials" board. Pizza was on the menu. One of those pizzas had gherkin listed as an ingredient. Having already had a venison pie down the street, I wasn't able to partake, but, given the bar person's assurance that they were not taking the piss and they really do put gherkins on their pizzas, I filed this ingredient away for future reference.
    I've been hanging out for a decent pizza for quite a while. A wood oven pizza can't be done at present. The southern half of Australia is a tinderbox. Anything that isn't already burning is as dry as a dead dingo's donger, and it'd only take one spark. Even here in town there is a total fire ban, and I reckon I'd barely get the kindling alight before the cops and fire brigade turned up.
    So tonight, New Year's Eve, I put the stone under the griller (broiler) in the kitchen and whipped up a pizza.

    The usual crust - water, flour, salt and yeast.
    The sauce was roma tomatoes from the garden, peeled and roughly crushed, a slug of sweet chilli sauce, some crushed garlic and fresh basil.
    A little left over chilli cheese left over from the Christmas cheese board
    Sliced sweet gherkin
    Sausage (beef sausages from the butcher at Jamestown South Oz)
    Black olives from the tree in my backyard, dry salted and drained, then tossed in olive oil, an adaptation of the method described by V12Spirit here

    Turns out cooked sweet pickled gherkins are damned nice on pizza.
    I recommend it.
    Click image for larger version

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