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  • Bacon

    We ae expecting a little weather to roll in late tonight or early tomorrow. I'm keeping the oven hot and cooking a little comfort food just in case the electrictiy goes out .
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    Everything tastes great with bacon, especially when it's a double bacon
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      I wonder if there are those who do not like the classic mix of toasted bacon and chicken egg flavors? It's a classic combination that is satisfying and versatile. Even if you eat the right food, a slice of bacon will go great.


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        This looks great. My all time favorite pizza combo is bacon, jalapeño, and onion. Next time you make it, try adding the onions. They add a very mild sweetness. Helps to balance the salty and spicy, but still keeps it spicy in my opinion.


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          I'm a huge fan of bacon alone but don't really like adding it to things like wrapping a filet in it or on pizza. Seems to take over the flavor and never really cooks the same as it does alone. But I'll eat some crispy bacon alone all day err'day!