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Do you have a wood fired recipe that gets rave reviews from family and friends? Now is your opportunity to not only share it with other wood fired chefs and enthusiasts, but get rewarded, too! Starting June 1 through July 30, 2016 we are holding a Summer Wood Fired Recipe Contest and the winner will receive a $75.00 shopping spree in the Forno Bravo Store.

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Fun was had...

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  • Fun was had...

    I had a group of 10 to cater for last night and on the menu was the following:

    Starter: pork crackling as well as rosemary, rock salt & olive oil pizza.

    Main: wide range of pizzas ... and finished with a calzone with leftover bits for the following mornings breakfast.

    Sweets: ice creams on sticks (bought ones) ... ok I got lazy!!

    I made 2.5 kg dough in the TBird - adding a bit of protein enriched flour to my regular 11% pizza flour to get to 12%. It was the best dough that I have ever made. I even got leoparding on the crusts for the first time!! I believe the success may have had to do with my "reading" the dough i.e. adding water/flour to get to the right consistency. I used DOP San Marzanos and home made mozarella on the toppings.

    Overall very pleased with the results. I can't speak highly enough about using a decent, heavy duty mixer. For Aussie folk here - Neill has one for sale!!

    / Rossco

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    Re: Fun was had...

    Hey Rossco,
    how did you mix your pizza dough?
    Did you mix it in one hit or did you autolyse it?
    I am interested to find if there is in fact a difference in the end results.
    So, 2 1/2kg of dough in the mixer, a mere drop in the bottom for a 'good mixer' eh! Quick and easy in a single load. That would do me for 40 x 10" pizza bases.
    But let's see the KA's handle this quantity!

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

    Neill’s Pompeiii #1
    Neill’s kitchen underway


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      Re: Fun was had...

      Hi Neill...

      I left it rather late on Saturday to start as I was making mozarella cheese and lost track of the time. Process as follows:

      1. mixed 2 types of flour to get 12% protein;

      2. put 75% of flour and other ingredients in the mixer and spun it for about 3 mins;

      3. autolyse for 20 mins;

      4. spun mixer for 5 minutes with soft battery dough, then started to add remaining flour;

      5. once all flour was added I topped up with extra water to get consistency right;

      6. hand kneaded for 2 mins then bulk dough rest 1.5 hrs;

      7. balled and stuck dough in fridge - removed it 2 hrs before cooking;

      It was nice and firm, slightly springly and formed very well. It lost a few minor points on taste (will use biga next time which should fix that).

      The mixer is the BEST addition to home pizza making after the WF oven itself!!!!!

      / Rossco