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Refractory castable and insulating board leftovers

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  • Refractory castable and insulating board leftovers

    Dear All,

    One of my problems is that I often buy more than I need, for fear of running out mid-project (or mid-cooking).
    This means that at the end of the project I have some substantial leftovers, which I am happy to let go slightly below cost.

    They are:
    • 2 bags of refractory castable in two flavours: one light and insulating, one heavy, both rated at 1300C.

      The light one is: KM1081 here near the bottom of the page. This is ?34.63, I paid ?40.69 with VAT.

      The heavy one is Refractory Castable 1300GC (described here), which was advised to me by an expert. I paid ?49 for each bag.

      During installation I used one bag of the light one and half a bag of heavy. I built a large modular oven (model 10/D here) and only did the seals, no additional thermal mass layer. This cement might be all you will need if you go the same way as I did.
    • The insulating board is specified as KM1009 also here .

      However they actually sent me a bit bigger replacement board: for the ?99 I got two of 600mmx1200mmx50mm. So I am left with one board 600mmx1200mmx50mm. Depending on your build you may need either one or two more, which would cut the cost compared to getting 4. I paid ?52.29 for this single one. The board is great, holds the oven very well. It got slightly wet with rain at some point, but did not collapse and dried out quickly during the early drying fires.

      I find the oven extremely well insulated with these boards sat on the cheaper breeze blocks sat on the cement board supported by lintels. With the oven fully fired, after 4h the bottom surface of the cement board reached 20C, with ambient temperature of 19C. There is no trace of massive heat leakage from the dome either, with one layer of ceramic blanket, a min. of 20cm of loose vermiculite followed by padding with rock-wool right to the walls.

    I paid the delivery of course, but I needed the materials anyway, so I only included the UK VAT in these figures, so covering most of my costs.

    I live in the South Lakes (Grange-over-Sands) and work in Lancaster (that's the original one in the NW UK! ), so I can drop it all off anywhere within a reasonable distance (you can try to convince me what is reasonable - e.g. I drive to Leeds to see my daughter occasionally), or you can collect and get to admire the oven (or even a pizza) with a view. No rush, they sit in our dry garage.

    Hope this might be helpful for someone. If they don't go I might have to build something else

    Best wishes,

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