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How portable is the oven

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  • How portable is the oven

    I want to be able to transport the oven when it is completed.Can it be moved long distances .I am worried about cracking from vibration and movement while on the pick up.If it is transportable ,how long after building and does it need to be fired up first to cure and strengthen the oven? any answers woul be appreciated.

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    Re: How portable is the oven

    I'm not sure which oven you're talking about, but my Artigiano oven came from Italy (via boat), then to California (by truck?) and then to Texas (by truck) in a wood shipping crate. Everything was fine. I wouldn't guess normal vibrations would cause any problems...
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      Re: How portable is the oven

      I am interested in building a Pompeii brick pizza oven and need to know if it is possible to put this on a trailer and move it regularly?
      Anyone with this experience ? - Denis


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        Re: How portable is the oven

        I assume you want to go mobile.

        You'll see mobile threads under different types of ovens. Search there.
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          Re: How portable is the oven

          Yes I want to be mobile ,is this posssible with a brick oven,will it crack or come apart ,any advice out there? Denis - South Africa


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            Re: How portable is the oven

            "Pompeii brick pizza oven"

            Check the rest of the site for mobile oven builds. I would guess that mortared brick is not the best option and that the precast types that FB sell would be your best bet.