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Our Annual Bread & Pizza Bash

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  • Our Annual Bread & Pizza Bash

    If we hold it, maybe spring will come. Our annual Bread & Pizza Bash at Mary G's Artisan Breads is scheduled for May 28th, starting at 2 pm. We're located to the north and east of Toronto, within pretty easy reach of the GTA. Due to demand, tickets are limited this year. If you can make it, contact me at info@marygbread.com. It's always a blast. You'll get ample chance to shape, top and bake your own creation.

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    Re: Our Annual Bread & Pizza Bash

    Hello pizzaiolo, tutto a posto?
    I live in Costa Rica and built an 106m oven a few months ago. The area in which I live is quite rural and near the pacific ocean by Jaco. Here, there is not much of job oportunities so I started a pizza express out of my house and so far I'm still trying to get accepted by the comunity. I have made the pizza dough with three different flowers (I have the limitation of only being able to get the flower the local store brings): i first tried Golden medal and it worked good but I cant get it any more. Also a bread flower that I found a bit hard and often it shrank once I placed the pizza in the oven. Lastly I got a finer flower (winter flower) but I still get the same result, it shrinks in the oven and a 12" pizza becomes a 10" one. That does not look good to customers since it comes in a 12" box. Do you have any advise you can give me?. It would be greatly appreciated.