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Chook business.

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  • Chook business.

    We bought two new chooks as we thought the others had gone off the lay, so now we have 5 bantams.
    I check for eggs every other day, hmm the little brown hen isnt here, maybe she got out?
    Checked underneath the laying boxes and there she is, sitting on top of 46 eggs.
    So we didnt need new chooks after all.

    Some of the eggs are floaters so will have to be given to the worms.
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    Re: Chook business.

    We have 4 hens in suburban Brisbane.....and of course council rules... No Roosters. So the girls have had to be a little lonely. Bout a month ago one of the dominant hens is starting to try to crow....sounds pretty funny the girls doing it for themselves. What is not funny is one of my neigbours cant tell the difference and is starting to complain to everyone. Pretty soon the council will be involved I bet and all hell will break loose. The rest of the neighbour bring over waste food for the hens and all get eggs so it could get interesting.....

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      Re: Chook business.

      We always used to keep three white and three red or black chooks. That way you had a fair idea which one wasn't laying. I once killed the wrong one and found masses of eggs like a bunch of grapes inside.
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