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October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

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  • October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

    In This Issue:

    Expo 2012 and Blog Highlights
    Introducing the Napolino Series
    Peter's Corner: Ready to Go Pro?
    Recipe: Stuffed Peppers
    Special Offer: Free Expo Tickets

    Read the October newsletter: Wood-Fired Newsletter | October 2012 | No. 43; The Napolino & FB Expo 2012

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    Re: October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

    I really glad that they included the diagram of the Napolino, hopefully a new builder will not look at the photo and think that its alright to stick a chimney in the middle of their dome.


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      Re: October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

      I'll bite....why is it ok with this particular oven to put it in the middle?


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        Re: October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

        If the heat wasn't channeled from the dome in the normal manner, allowing the dome to absorb the heat and saturate itself, the heat would go directly up the chimney. You would need a fire going all of the time or almost all the time.


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          Re: October 2012 Wood-Fired Newsletter

          Yep it makes you look twice but you got to read the fine print.....

          Traditional Naples-style ventilation system: hot air exhausted from the oven is routed back over the oven dome and then vented through a vertical, stainless steel chimney pipe in the center of the oven ? evenly and efficiently heats the oven dome and maintains high temperatures

          Like the Jamie Oliver oven it had me thinking till I found out the smoke was vented to come out at the top of the dome.

          Regards Dave
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