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Pizza for a crowd

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  • Pizza for a crowd

    I have about 20 hungry college students coming to my kitchen for pizza. I generally only cook one pizza at a time, although oven is large enough to handle 2. Any thoughts on how to turn finished pizza out faster? Par bake? Prep dough and put between parchment?

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    Re: Pizza for a crowd

    Go to Trader Joe's and buy the dough (1 bag=2 pizza's) Make them stretch the dough and build the pizza (someone needs to supervise here or you will see 5 inch high pies). They bring them to you and you cook. This is how we handle most of the crowds...
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      Re: Pizza for a crowd

      Whats the motivation behind doing this? If its to make a few bucks, Trader Joe's or Cusco Big frozen pizzas might be the way to go. If you're aiming to be that place other than Doniyoyo, Pizzarut, a place where a student don't mind hanging out and waiting for your special pie. Think about pre-baking at lease your average daily sells of pie crusts. If things are slow, make hand made pies one at a time. You have regulars and they already know what to expect, that way you can speed it up as need be and keep your hands in the mix to create your masterpiece.


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        Re: Pizza for a crowd

        Thanks everyone. This is my daughter's mellophone section from the U. She often has a few friends over for pizza, but never this many at one time. I've cut 6 boards and will stretch the dough and stage them when we are ready to cook. This should at least allow me to keep it down to 2-3 waves of pretty steady output. I'll post the results.


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          Re: Pizza for a crowd

          I deal with loads o teenagers a lot! At my place, we give a lesson on what a pizza needs to look like. I usually stretch the skins myself ahead of time (i have a load of peels and also use cardboard as well with proper amounts of semolina) and then the wife will supervise building. Make sure you explain sauce placement on the pizza and topping need to be lighter than a chain pizza for it to cook right!

          Depending on who is around, either my son or I oversee oven ops (in and out.) Son only does one at a time where I can do up to 3. The trick is keeping things moving with the build as the kids come out in a streaming fashion (mostly) unless there is a Rembrandt in the group (and that is usually the pizza that gets messed up.) Wife will oversee cutting operations with the Forno Bravo pizza cutter (nice and sharp!) Trick is a good heat soaked oven and don't keep hitting the same landing areas.

          If you can only handle 2 pizzas and want to speed things up - put the third in the landing right at the internal opening and the crust cooks good and slow. This is how I cook my curried shrimp pizza to avoid the rubbery shrimp!)

          Best o luck - its really a good time.

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