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    I like music. At the vineyard, my dad plays soothing "vineyard music" for the tourists. Some of his choices, which would play well at back yard pizza gatherings include, Loreena Mckennit, Dead can dance, Ray Lynch's Deep breakfast, Atlantis Angelis, Air, Clannad, among others. I listen to rock predominantly. What are you people listening to currently?

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    Re: Music

    That's great -- "vineyard music replaces elevator music." Do you find that when you reach a certain age you seem to be stuck in a music timewarp? Always falling back on the older classics? In other words a rut.
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      Re: Music

      Red, James,

      My muscial tastes, I guess, were formed pretty early. I'm an omnivore, though, and it depends on mood. Sometimes it might be the 9th Symphony, sometimes James Brown. Still, my core music is blues, from early, Son House, to late, Chris Thomas King. Right now, I'm on a tangent: Mark Knopfler's "Shangri-La" and Sonny Landreth's "Grant Street" (best slide work you ever heard). These two guys sometimes play together, despite the fact that Knopfler is English and Landreth from Louisiana. Check out Knopfler's DVD "A Night in London" to see what I mean. It was made, I think, in 96. They are, of course, both blues based. On a much different slant, check out the sort of country, sort of rock Canadian band, Prairie Oyster. Their newest is "One Kiss."

      Today, however, being St. Patrick's and all, I'll be listening to the Irish: Christy Moore, Hothouse Flowers, Alien Acoustic Band. Not overfond of U2.

      Having said that, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all, Erin go Bragh, Up the Republic. The beer, by the way, should be black, not green. I'll be whipping up some soda bread later today to give away (it's traditional in my family); brings luck, so they say.

      Slainte (Irish for health),

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        Re: Music

        I had been in a rut.
        Lots of classic jazz (Ella and Louis, Getz and Gilberto),
        James Brown, Marley, Bowie

        But now, I have a subscription music service (yahoo music) that lets me listen to new music with no risk. If I stop paying the subscription fee the music I downloaded stops working, but it is still great for letting me explore new music.

        In the new band realm, I have been listening to:
        LCD Soundsystem (new cd out recently, grammy winner last year)
        Andrew Bird (the violin player from the Squirrel Nut Zippers, another great band) had a great CD last year and has a new one out next week.
        The Decemberists (First major label release last year, The Crane Wife).

        Also a great Jazz/Reggae cross over is the Charlie Hunter CD Natty Dread which does the entire Natty Dread Marley CD in Jazz. It would be borderline elevator music if it was not so cool.

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