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The Chicken Dance

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  • The Chicken Dance

    totally off topic but having an 18 month old is providing numerous hours of amusement.

    The wife will complete her training to be a certified American Sign Language interpreter within the next month or so. After that she needs to get some more practical experience and then pass several certifying tests to get "papered". So the wee one has been learning a second language before she can speak her first language. When I take her roller blading - as the wife won't let me take her Harley-Davidsoning we pass dogs and birds, and trucks and cars and boys with basketballs and tennis balls.

    Last weekend she got an introduction to the nevarious Elmo Doll. I thought it was one of those creepy Tickle Me but this one was dressed in yellow. You hit its foot and it starts speaking/singing "lets do the chicken dance". Oh my gosh! She hits its foot and starts mimicking flapping her arms like a chicken. Then she loks at me and points to the mechanical device, makes the sign for chicken and says "Berd, Berd".

    Yes dear, that is a creature that will not see the inside of our home, you enjoy it while you can.

    So then James puts up the non-redneck chicken truss and what do I hear in the back of my head?

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