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Memorial day weekend

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  • Memorial day weekend

    To everyone in America, enjoy your long weekend. Travel safely and eat well. For everyone not in the U.S., do you have a regular work and school week? Where do Canada, Australian and New Zealand land on this holiday?

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    Re: Memorial day weekend

    Happy Memorial Day to all you people in the U.S.

    Our war Memorial Day is Anzac day (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps), it was last month - 25/04. It is for Aus. and New Zealand. Generally there are dawn services, veteran marches and you can slip into a local pub and play 2 Up with some of the diggers (war veterans).

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      Re: Memorial day weekend

      Monday is just Monday here in The True North Strong and Free. Since so much of our commerce is with the US it's a pretty relaxed day anyway.
      Last Monday was Victoria Day, a stat holiday which marks the official celebration of the Queen's birthday and, like Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer.

      Monday is Whitmonday in the UK, a bank holiday and general good reason to celebrate spring. All in all, much of the world should be on the patio eating pizza on Monday.
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