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  • iPhone

    Speaking of the Internet -- did anybody see the iPhone ads on TV last weekend? I just watched them on the Apple website. Pretty cool.

    Is anybody going to get one?

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    Re: iPhone

    I saw one ad. Good advertising, but I'm going to pass. Lots of reasons. Pretty happy with my Blackberry, very dubious of the first generation of anything, don't see any reason to pay $500 for a phone, etc.

    Topical subject as I broke my ipod out for a run this morning, it was on my side and I bumped slightly into an errant trash can. The blackberry holds 2gb of music, I think I'll just use that when out running for awhile.
    - JC


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      Re: iPhone

      Not yet - I'm tied into Verizon for now, and their coverage in these parts is much better than Cingular. It does look amazing though.

      I will also wait until the storage catches up to the iPod. 8G is too small I think, and it will get better. I am hopeful they will use the iPhone platform for a new widescreen iPod/PDA (sans phone). Then I'll ditch my Palm and give my old iPod to my son.
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        Re: iPhone

        Cingular/AT&T Wireless is one of my largest clients for my day job...I already have the account manager who runs that piece making inquiries to see if I can get my hands on one. I have a blackjack now which I like...but I am a sucker for early adoption and bleeding edge technology.



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          Re: iPhone

          One just sold on ebay- pre buy


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            Re: iPhone

            Hmm. perhaps i can get a half dozen of them on a product placement deal.. We had Helio on board for a minute, but they seemed a little cheesy.. Too cheesy for a pizza movie even. I talked to Nancy Silverton's people today and it looks like she's going to let us interview her at MOZZA. pity we're stii not eating pizza until it comes from our oven..