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The Internet and Forno Bravo

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  • The Internet and Forno Bravo


    Another post on the wonders of the Internet combined with Forno Bravo. Two weeks ago I got a call. Looked at the display. Never heard of the area code. Thinking it was a sales call for vacuum cleaners, I almost didn't answer. Turned out to be Ros, calling from New Zealand . She wanted to know if I'd set up a bread workshop while she was in the Toronto area. "Umm, okay," says I.

    Last weekend, we made Ancienne Baguette, Ciabatta, Olive Boule, Wild Yeast Seed Bread, Potato, Cheddar, Chive Batard, and Bagels. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I pointed out that she was now officially hooked and ruined for life. And, yes, she will be installing her very own FB oven in Kiwi land shortly. For her, yesterday would be about right.

    We discussed the idea that just a few short years ago, she would never have known about my workshops, let alone be able to set one up as we did, without the powerful combination of the Internet and Forno Bravo.

    The photo shows her next to the breads we made.

    The next workshop is in mid-July and features Brenda who hails from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Same scenario.

    Wonders cyber will never cease it seems.

    "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827

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    Re: The Internet and Forno Bravo

    Anyone want to show up and help me build my oven? I'm in SoCal and taking visitors :-)


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      Re: The Internet and Forno Bravo

      Excellent! Or should I say 'good on ya mate', Wait, that's Australia, sorry.


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        Re: The Internet and Forno Bravo

        Don't let that worry you, eh.
        Mate, we'll share what little we have with blokes ('n sheilas) from all points of the compass.
        Luddite Jeff.


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          Re: The Internet and Forno Bravo

          G'Day Jim. So that's the Kiwi Ros, eh.
          Nice to view you mate; all good?

          Jim, since you and I first spoke (metric cf Imperial, as I recall), I wonder how the Insular People are faring?
          Somewhat beat up, rather than up beat, would be my guess.
          That aside, Ros would remain a welcome guest, 'though we have discovered the delights of tipo 00 flour anyway. One brand here is Italian, the other is West Australian. (Anchor brand).
          CanuckJim, with your love of bullshit sayings, I wish I could chuck you one or a dozen, but the shutters are down.
          Luddite Jeff.