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Getting the fire going quickly

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  • Getting the fire going quickly

    OK, it’s not a grill that’s interesting here: it’s the way it’s lighted. You’re looking at George Goble of Purdue University lighting the 60 lbs of charcoal with 3 gallons of liquid oxygen:

    Started with 60 lbs of charcoal, and burnt up 40 lbs of it in 3 seconds. Result is a grill ready to cook in about 3 seconds, and all the old grease, etc burned off. Don’t try this at home.

    WARNING: an ignition source, such as a lit cigarette or one glowing coal, must be present before pouring on the LOX. If charcoal is PRESOAKED in LOX first, an explosion will result. One briquette presoaked in LOX is approx equiv to 1 stick of dynamite.

    the back story - an interview
    2.5How To.html

    james - if this is too far out here tell me and it will get deleted

    ah found it
    YouTube - How to light a grill in 2 seconds

    Dave Berry report
    Nuclear Picnic
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    Re: Getting the fire going quickly

    cool, very cool.
    I personally do not share Dave Berry's sentiments about living near the engineers picnic site; with guys like George attending you couldn't get me to leave.
    Wonder if George has any ideas on quick heating a WFO. Can you imagine - 3 second heat up, then a 90 second pizza.


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      Re: Getting the fire going quickly

      I'm wondering about the people standing there. I would have headed for the hills. :-)
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