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    I just watched the iPhone demo video on apple.com. It's pretty remarkable. I'm not going to be the first one on my block to get one, but I will be interested to hear when someone starts using theirs. I'm sure the press will cover it all pretty closely.
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    Re: iPhone demo

    HI James,
    I have been a fan of Apple since we started using them in the early 80's in Tafe. We taught the dedicated typesetting programme, Quark XPress then as it was only available on the then Apple platform.
    They are very much innovators since they got Steve Jobs back on deck after shoe horning him out of his original company. A very smart cookie and they have exceptionally innovative products that out perform any other products that try to copy or challenge them.
    I am looking for a new phone as the CDMA system here in Aus is being cut at the end of this year and I am just looking around. Not too keen on advanced technology, as I find it difficult to ingest especially when you only really want to receive and to make calls!
    I would be interested in your views.

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