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    Hello all, and thankyou for the birthday wishes.. I have been cooking in the oven a little, and will post properly when i get a second.. I was thinking it might be benificial for idiots like myself to have a sticky post with tips for linking stuff in posts, hot linking, photo reduction, all that jazz.. What is hot linking anyway? It sounds like something i would find in one of those other websites, but remember someone talking about it here.. Cheers..

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    Re: Computer geekitry

    Hot linking is grabbing the URL of a photo on another server and using it somewhere else. Here's a pic hot-linked from my own website:

    and here's a Forno Bravo hosted image:

    The difference is that the hot-linked image uses someone else's bandwidth which could crash a small site, and you don't have control of the image. If I was mad at you for stealing my bandwidth I could switch out that picture with something rude with the same name. A republican politician got in trouble with hot-linking from a site of someone who didn't like his politics.
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      Re: Computer geekitry


      Master Builder, computer guru - is there anything you don't know?


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        Re: Computer geekitry

        Not a bad idea...

        I'd like something like that myself...

        Sorry, couldn't resist. It's actually a great idea - all the stuff I know how to do now I learned from a theology website with just that kind of forum (actually, a couple different forums on the site - who knew computer geeks were into theology? ).
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