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1947 wood-fired oven.

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  • 1947 wood-fired oven.

    This one's a bit out of the ordinary, but I just had to share it with you all. This was parked up at our annual apple fair in the village last weekend. Working as if it had just come off the production-line!

    It was being used to roast, or grill peanuts fresh for you! It was a work of art!

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    Re: 1947 wood-fired oven.

    Very interesting. So the unit on the right of the photo is some sort of heat scavanger for the exhaust gasses? It appears they are ducting hot exhaust gasses to the unit of which I speak and perhaps they are extracting heat from those gasses and bringing them back to the oven or perhaps to the roaster. The roasting unit itself looks similar to a coffee roaster.

    Did you get the operator to explain the process or get to watch it in operation? Having lived in France for six months I remember well that sometimes asking questions about operation or how things were done resulted in a total "clam up" as though you were asking about state secrets or in some way were in competition. Rarely did I find someone enthusiastic about something they were doing and wanting to share, it did happen but was rare. Perhaps it was because I am American and don't speak French very well.


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      Re: 1947 wood-fired oven.

      Hi Wiley. I have no idea how it worked. I asked the young lady running the stall, but she was just the peanut seller...

      Still, it provided a great talking point for a while!