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Missing?-FB's most prolific adviser

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  • Missing?-FB's most prolific adviser

    Where's Dave?

    Anyone heard from him?

    I was thinking of him this morning when I consulted his "turkey three ways" thread. I plan, of course, on baking the Thanksgiving turkey in my WFO and remembered him talking about smoking one in his.

    Today I am baking a "test" turkey using Dave's method #three. That is the one where you fire up the oven the morning of to about 425 degrees. Then you rake the fire to the side (or sides) and bake. Dave says it gets really smoky in there. Might not work on Thanksgiving because I'm sure that all the other fixin's will end up in there also. Not sure how well smoked stuffing, sweet potatoes, and dinner rolls would go over. We'll see.


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    Re: Missing?-FB's most prolific adviser

    Originally posted by dusty View Post
    Where's Dave?
    I was wondering the same thing. Dave, you out there??

    Not sure how well smoked stuffing, sweet potatoes, and dinner rolls would go over.
    I think smoked stuffing and sweet potatoes sound outstanding. I've done smoked potatoes in my smoker with great results.

    OK... the dinner rolls might not turn out as well
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      Re: Missing?-FB's most prolific adviser

      Dave stopped posting so much when he got a cool new job - and good for him, I say. He did once mention that he only spent quite so much time here because his former job was extremly boring.

      But he has been back from time to time (unlike some others...)
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        Re: Missing?-FB's most prolific adviser

        Yes Fran, I have similar recollections.
        (We do speak of that mad pric "Asudaview", do we not?)
        Maybe if I shout real loud from Oz, he'll hear us.
        OK, so here we go. (You mob ready?
        ONE TWO THREE-----------D--A--V---E-e-e--.. .
        Chuck us another pizza tent, My Son!

        All in good time, mate, all in good time.
        I reckon the taste of all your pizzas will carry just a touch of your special joy. Maybe one day I'll enjoy.
        Stay safe eh.