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World Economic Woes Hit Home

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  • World Economic Woes Hit Home

    Hard Times for Parmigiano Makers Have Italy Ponying Up the Cheddar - WSJ.com

    Watch the video and the slide show.
    Un amico degli amici.

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    Re: World Economic Woes Hit Home

    Brings back memories of the aircraft business. Once upon a time a manufacturer of commercial aircraft entered into an acgreement to sell planes and help a flegling country sell their home grown products in the states. It was called an economic offset. They sell planes at a lower cost and keep some of the profit of helping import and sell 2 products. What really happened. Each year the employees at the airplane company got a choice of either a 5 pound brick of cheese or 7 pounds of canned ham. Guess they couldn't find a market for the products so they ended up buying it and giving it away! Ah those were the days. Real dilema came the year that Chernobyl went critical as this country was downwind!


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      Re: World Economic Woes Hit Home

      I can't imagine why they had trouble selling it. I always go to the airlines when I want cheese...
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