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WFO Kitchen remodel article.

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  • WFO Kitchen remodel article.

    Pizza oven rounds out remodeled Oakland kitchen

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    Re: WFO Kitchen remodel article.

    It looks like their oven opens right next to the table: I wonder how they get a peel in there. They have a oriental rug in front of the hearth: they must be more neat with fire management than I am. And a rolling pin? Huh.
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      Re: WFO Kitchen remodel article.

      Maybe the table is a landing zone. Bad work flow but I'd be happy as a pig in mud to make a few pizzas in that kitchen. The rolling pin notwithstanding, check out the dough balls. Bad dough management and low hydration seems evident. Talk about loading up a skin. Not really sure about that pancetta. Other than Prosciutto, I always precook meat that goes into a WFO. Cured or no, 60-90 seconds just don't cut it. I would be mortified if someone got sick. Complete sanitation and sound cooking habits are a must. (Reminds me of those celebrity chefs that mix ingredients with bare hands adorned with rings and wristwatches. Oh man!)
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        Re: WFO Kitchen remodel article.

        Yes, what he said...
        "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)