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    I noticed DMum was a moderator a little while back, now I notice Ken.

    When did you guys become moderators? I must have missed that and wondered who else moderates now...??? Also, I assume you moderate specific areas or posts, is that right??

    Nice to see the forum expanding and James getting a break!

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    Re: FB Moderators

    I'm a moderator, but other than having a couple of "flag" icons on each message,

    I don't notice any difference. I've not been asked by James, or anyone else, to monitor the site for abusive posts.
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      Re: FB Moderators

      Somewhere there's an old thread (last fall maybe?) talking about all the spam that was appearing at the time, and the need for more eyes on the postings. I believe Ken and some others volunteered and were made moderators.
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        Re: FB Moderators

        Hi guys,

        I added Ken and DMUN as moderators a while back, but so far the newest software makes it easy to catch and delete spam and spammers. They don't even appear on the forum. For now, technology is keeping us one step ahead. :-)

        Still, new members' first posting is now moderated, and they have to be approved before they are public -- so when I will be away for a longer period of time, I will be asking for help from our moderators.

        Thanks for asking.
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          Re: FB Moderators

          True, I hardly have noticed the spammers anymore
          that used to be more of a problem.

          Sounds like you catch them when they try to sign up (in chinese?)
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            Re: FB Moderators

            I think you are all doing a wonderful job. The spam seems to be completely eliminated. This site is truly an inspiration where the whole world with a common theme can come together. It makes me want to travel the world just to look at wood fired ovens and the meet all the really cool people who make it happen. Yet, I can surf from this back corner at the end of the road. I will post some more pics but its always a challenge for me