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An update on CajunKnight...

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  • An update on CajunKnight...

    Hi Kids...it's the Missus here. Just to give everyone an update on Travis, he had 3 emergency surgeries in January as a result of an infection. As a result of that infection, he can't have any more chemo therapy until the wound heals. Since I'm still packing and unpacking the wound you can surmise that he still hasn't healed. He can't have any more radiation because the amount of radiation that he had in October was the total amount that a body can take and if they try to give him more it will kill him instantly. He has been on Hospice care since April 1 so that I can get the pain management medications to help him through this as well as get the wound care supplies that I need to take care of his wound. His vision is affected, his speech is affected and he is paralized on the right side of his body. We are currently at an impasse on any treatments because of the open wound. We renewed our wedding vows on April 19, he reached his 45th birthday on April 23 and we just found out that we will be having an new grandchild at Christmas. He is still on the computer however he has difficulty typing so ..... he gets me to come type his responses...LOL. He appreciates all the prayers and well wishes. I will keep everyone updated as I can.

    Missus Cajun...
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    Re: An update on CajunKnight...

    Missus Cajun...
    I think that I can speak for all those members in Australia, )some may even chime in) and wish both CajanKnight and yourself the very best and hopefully a full recovery, speedy would be better but a recovery is ultimately what we all look for.
    I thank you for your time on the forum's concern for his health.

    All the very best, we are hoping and praying for him.

    If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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      Re: An update on CajunKnight...

      And not just Australia either...

      I don't know if this is any comfort, but my Father-in-law nearly died from cancer therapy last year and then recovered. Its really inspirational to see you bulding your oven together during this hard time... so hang in there and you'll be eating pizza together before you know it.
      "Building a Brick oven is the most fun anyone can have by themselves." (Terry Pratchett... slightly amended)