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seven fires by francis mallmann

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  • seven fires by francis mallmann

    I got this great cookbook for father's day by an Argentine chef who cooks everything with wood. Lots of wood! Francis Mallmann is the most well known chef in Argentina. Although he does have a wood oven [horno] he uses a lot of cast iron , grills and crucifixes.
    One recipie starts out ''take a medium sized cow, butterflied..about 1400lbs, and 2 cords of wood "
    While I don't have enough friends for a '' vaca entera'' there are all kinds of cooking methods here that I know I am going to try.

    I went on ABE and bought 2 copies at 45% off list as gifts for the other wood oven enthusiasts in my area.
    For those who don't know, ABE has more than 5000 used bookstores, their inventories all linked up , very useful , very addictive.

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    Re: seven fires by francis mallmann

    Good find!

    It is also worthwhile to check Half.com a subsidiary of ebay as well as Amazon. In this case Half.com came in the lowest at $21.98 including shipping and their link to ebay has two sellers offering new copies at $21.99 with free shipping and Amazon at $23.10 plus (and I went no further becasue they were already more expensive than the others. However, they did offer it with free shipping if one purchased.... yada, yada, yada you know the rest). ABE (American Book Exchange) had it at $23.88 including shipping. I have had good luck with ABE in the past but have sometimes found large variances in prices so I always check at least these.

    I will check my local library, looks like an interesting read, because like you, I don't see BBQing a whole cow in my near future. I always seem end up with alot of books that I have read but not necessarily are they books that I use.