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homemade liqueurs

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  • homemade liqueurs

    I've made limoncello a couple of times with very good results- so I thought I'd branch out and try a new one.

    I thought I'd try one with rosemary and mint. It also has a little lemon peel and cracked coriander seed. I have to use 100 proof vodka since the great state of Va. seems to think that Everclear isn't safe for the general public to purchase.

    I will also be trying one with sage as soon as I figure out a good recipe.

    What have other people tried?


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    Re: homemade liqueurs

    Just did Lemon, Orange and Limecello...with everclear!! Then we take the leftover rinds and boil in a 1:1 mix of sugar and water; boil till the syurp thickens (about 45 mins) remove and roll in sugar. What you are left with is candied citrus peel. We did keep them seperate so the flavors would not blend. The lime was a waste of time, lemon was good, orange was fantastic.
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      Re: homemade liqueurs

      Well, I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Good idea.