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    If anyone can tell me, what is the correct brick that must be used on the inside floor of a wooden brick oven. I have built my own brick oven in my back yard and used fire bricks that may be purchased at any masonary supply store. However, when I used it for the first time the pizza would cook fast on top but the bottom was still a little doughie. it was not crunchy and i burned wood for about 4 hours. I was told that the bricks on the floor where not made to retain heat. They are for fire places, where the heat goes out. So I have gone to a few brick oven distributors and the stone or bricks whatever you want to call them are like yellow in color or sand in texture. They told me that they are actually made of sand so that the heat is held longer. They don't sell them individually to people. I would like for anyone who knows of where these bricks can be purchased at, please e-mail me at calogerob@hotmail.com. Thank you