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Pizza Fact Finding Mission: Italy - May 2010

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  • Pizza Fact Finding Mission: Italy - May 2010

    I will be heading off to Italy in May for about a week before boarding a cruise ship to tour the Mediterranean. During that time I want to sample as many pizzas as possible (research!!!) and will end up at da Michelle in Naples. Can anyone suggest good pizzarias in Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples that "have" to be visited along the way.


    / Rossco

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    Re: Pizza Fact Finding Mission: Italy - May 2010

    We are also going in Sept. Greek Is. Italy, Sh. France, Switzerland, England, Ireland Ten weeks. I'm on the countdown already. Keep us posted. Have heard Positano is outstanding.
    Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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      Re: Pizza Fact Finding Mission: Italy - May 2010

      Sounds great ...

      We got Eurail passes so we will be running around all over the place whilst in Italy. Have a week there before boarding a cruise boat to Corsica, St Tropez, Monaco and ending in Spain. I foresee some over indulging in the eating department.

      Have booked hotels with wireless access (and will use the free MacDonald service too) so will be able to keep in contact and share some of the action with others.

      Keen to hear what you get up to on your travels..
      / Rossco


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        Re: Pizza Fact Finding Mission: Italy - May 2010

        Don't waste your eating while in Venice on pizza! The seafood is wonderful, the pizza, not so much.

        Check out books to see what the local specialities are for food, and go for those. I love Florence, and the food there is fantastic. There's a sausage I could marry there, called finocchiono (I think that's the spelling), it's a fennel and garlic sausage that is just amazing.

        I never had very good pizza in Rome, either, but there are plenty of places to eat the very good Roman food.

        Naples is really the best place for pizza. I just didn't like Naples much- too loud, dirty and pushy for my taste. Pompeii is cool, Positano is beautiful, and the trip from Naples south is like nothing you've ever seen. We got off the train in Sorrento and the air was full of the smell of lemons- like they'd sprayed it in the air as the train pulled in!

        Have a great trip- we've been to Italy three times, always in May, and it's beautiful. Eat what's local, what's in season, and brush up on your Italian food words and order off the menu that isn't written in English. I swear the eating's better when you do!