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    My wife is really into this show. After the game, I went to see what she was watching. A couple were having a wood fired oven installed. The guy's doing the work didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. They poured a slab, realized it was too big, slammed some 2x4's into the edges to make it smaller. It gets better... They then lifted the slab up and rotated it 90 degrees because the guy designing the set up didn't like the way it looked. They framed the hearth on wood and set a pre-cast oven on it (looked to be about 36 inches). No insulation at all. I suppose it would work for pizza and live fire cooking, but that's about it. Anyway, after watching the show, I think we are ALL oven gods and should be on TV as well.

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    Re: Hgtv

    Honestly, HGTV and TLC (I am sure there are more) do as much harm as they do good.

    FAR too many of these shows only show a small portion of what goes into the various projects. I think it is great that unispired, untalented, and inexperienced folks are finding their inspiration and creative genious in some way, it is such a shame that these same folks take that 1/2 hr or 1 hr show so literally and end up with a costly mess on their hands when things don't go quite the same as they did on that highly condensed and highly edited show.

    In the case of the show you mention, it sounds like a couple of complete idiots are steering the ship. Sounds like there will be a rash of homes with extra tall fireplaces springing up shortly, and possibly a lot of new members to this forum in the coming months; all asking the same questions - what went wrong, I did exactly what I saw on TV?; can it be fixed, will I ever be able to cook pizza?



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      Re: Hgtv

      Stick with This Old House.

      the rest is just entertainment....although they had a series on outdoor kitchens that Scott Cohen designed and they were out of this world.


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        Re: Hgtv

        I saw this. It was on the new show "Outdoor Room". I agree that it looked like there was no insulation used, but I am not familiar with modular ovens at all, either so maybe the insulation was already on it?
        The stick framed base just about put me over the edge, but again, not being familiar with modular ovens I guess I have no idea what they require. The whole thing seemed like a fiasco of wrong-ness.
        That show is making me a little crazy because they do cool stuff, but it's all in CA and there is never a single word uttered about what appear to be six figure budgets in the episodes I've seen. And some of the construction things they've done have been pretty sketchy. I would LOVE to see what all of that and the plantings look like in a year or two. I'm guessing DEAD/ruined.


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          Re: Hgtv

          I saw these idiots on one of those programs demonstrating how to tuck point.It was hysterical,these guys were grouting a brick wall,and not glazed bricks these were like commons.Then they busted their ass cleaning it with a stiff brush and acid.It was a complete mess!


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            Re: Hgtv

            "I would LOVE to see what all of that and the plantings look like in a year or two. I'm guessing DEAD/ruined."
            They plant too many too close to get the instant mature look, but the plants are way to crowded to do well.
            Just another crazy show.
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